Beyond Personal Training: Building the Best You and Making It Last

The path to betterment is never ending, and with a New Year comes new energy, enthusiasm, and a renewed commitment to that version of your best self. But how do you take and channel that energy to serve you not only in that initial step of taking action on the resolutions you set out for yourself, but also, to sustain you in keeping momentum over time? How do you maintain the resilience to keep moving forward on your journey to your best self despite the challenges and stumbling blocks you are bound to encounter along the way?

All 4 Endurance, a personal training and coaching outfit based out of Cresskill, NJ, prides itself on just that — not only getting clients through the initiation phase of just getting started, but moving beyond that to help clients build fortitude and endurance on their individual journeys to betterment. For Philip Vitanzo, the sole proprietor of All 4 Endurance (A4E), there are three things that ring true:

  1. The mental and physical states of oneself are very much connected
  2. Nothing is “one and done”
  3. Training is and should be personal

While All 4 Endurance specializes in physical fitness and optimizing physical performance, Phil knows from experience that a natural output of A4E training is the development and/or strengthening of “mental toughness.” Clients not only get stronger in body, but they also get stronger in mind. In other words, a healthier body begets a healthier mind (and the reverse holds true as well). And with A4E distinguishing itself as a “long haul” operation, one that works to build, sustain, and optimize the health of clients beyond the short term, the focus is on introducing, nurturing, supporting, and promoting healthy habits in fitness that stick, that endure, and that ultimately build further endurance in both body and mind. This does not mean results are not more immediately available and experienced in the short term however.

Whether it is getting in shape in preparation for a wedding or post-baby, or optimizing your performance for a triathlon or other athletic competition, or a general goal to lose a specific amount of weight within 3 months, A4E certainly helps clients realize their fitness wants and desires in the short term. Their niche is in the longevity of those hard-won results though. Nothing is “one and done.” To keep a healthy body requires maintenance, including the right “fuel,” “tune ups,” and the appropriate and varying challenges to keep it at its very best. If the larger aim is to sustain the results of your best self over the long run, this is where A4E shines. With carefully crafted and selected exercises to set you up for the healthiest version of you in the present and future, and custom programs tailored to meet your goals, stretch your limits and build resilience to last over time, it is fitting that “endurance” is part of A4E’s name. Reaching fitness goals and having that best version of you endure is not “one size fits all” however.

At All 4 Endurance, the range of training and coaching offered is always personal. Even with a small group class format as part of their offerings, the focus is on the individual. No two people are exactly alike, and rarely are the physical aspirations, goals, and desires the same. Phil often finds that even when more than one person share the same fitness goal, they cannot achieve it in the same way. Why? Their bodies are built differently, both physically and mentally: they are motivated by different exercises, their thresholds and tolerances differ, or they respond best to different workout settings or surroundings. This is precisely why a personal, or personalized, approach is always taken to training at A4E. The right formula for one person is not going to work or be as effective for a different person — and Phil is acutely attuned to that.

As many of us embark on our New Year’s resolutions to new and improved versions of ourselves, it is comforting to know that there are establishments like All 4 Endurance to help us on our journeys. Phil’s take and approach to personal training is refreshing. He goes beyond just tailoring a program to the individual, seeing that person through realizing to his or her specific fitness goals. He lives by his motto — “give it your all” — and equips and guides clients to push further and challenge themselves in order to build the endurance necessary to make both the body and mind benefits last. All 4 Endurance’s ultimate mission is setting you up for a lifetime of the best you possible. It’s a big, hairy, audacious goal, but that kind of energy, drive, and support is something we could all use in our lives and on our paths to betterment.

All 4 Endurance is located at Good Life Training Studio, 300 Knickerbocker Road, Suite 1800, Cresskill, NJ 07626. To register for a free first preview session and a brief tour of the studio, e-mail or call 201-400-1905.